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Niels Bax


The year 2010 has been for me one year, the events in which profound change of roles.

After nine years service with the family, I am blind since April 1, 2010 and run completely independently of me and Björn Kessler Hengstenhouderij The Iron Man BV. The daily activities within our company are focused on the stud farm, dressage and sale of horses, which I mainly involved with the training of horses.

I will make the year 2011 for me a lot of competitions in dressage will mean, with my horses make good progress in level. And I qualified for this championship and there as good as possible a level of achievement.

Currently I have access to some very fine horses, dressage and may myself fortunate that a significant number of horse owners in motivating me to believe their horses and have put in my pet training. These horses, I will in the near future than at regional and national levels will release in the sport.

I also want to focus even more on training young dressage horses in the PAVO cup and other young horse competitions. The progress made in training young horses is often so great that it gives great satisfaction and inspiration in your work. This will keep you sharp and motivated as a rider. What I do well again can be applied to the coach and perfecting the higher-level trained horses.

Through years of employment to have worked, I am very aware that the sale of horses a part of the company. But my point remains a good horse to train for the games and from there a suitable candidate to find a nice fit for the horse.

Besides the training of dressage horses, I am busy with the training of a large number of dressage riders and amazons, who like myself are ambitious in dressage. It is my goal to point a rider the feel of riding to teach and to use for experts of both rider and horse in the ring. The level of the combination does not matter, whether a novice rider or a rider competition at the national level. So last year I have a number of combinations that are accompanied by a perfect test daring to put down several championship titles within managed to drag. These are moments where you go as instructor.

The best in my sport, I think ....

The satisfaction and inspiration that I experience in training young horses. Their actions keep me focused and motivated ...